Novelty Lamps

These Lava brand motion lamps provide a colorful and hypnotic way to decorate a dark room. Each 52 oz. lamp stands 16.3 inches high, and has a 5.5 inch wide base.

red and clear lava lamp
white and blue lava lamp
black and clear lava lamp
yellow and purple lava lamp

Red Lava, Clear Liquid

Item #114


White Lava, Blue Liquid

Item #115


Black Lava, Clear Liquid

Item #116


Yellow Lava, Purple Liquid

Item #117



lava lamp replacement bulb

Lava Lamp Replacement Bulbs

Two 40-watt bulbs per pack. Used in most standard lava lamps.

Item #118




Sorcerer plasma lamp

The Sorcerer plasma lamp gives the appearance of containing multiple beams of colored lightning. This cone-shaped lamp stands 15.5 inches tall, and has a 4.25 inch base.

Item #119

Reg. $54.99

Now $39.99


These medusa lamps help make a bold color statement in any room. Lights of various colors are attached to long, flexible arms which enable you to shine light in specific places.

medusa floor lamp

This Medusa Floor Lamp stands 72 inches high, with six 24-inch arms that twist to your specifications. Six 25-watt bulbs are included.

Item #120

Reg. $109.99

Now $99.99


medusa table lamp

This Medusa Table Lamp features three round bulbs of various colors. It stands 21 inches tall, and has a 6-inch wide base. Three 25-watt bulbs are included.

Item #121

Reg. $59.99

Now $39.99


Can't find the type of lamp you're looking for? We recommend Lamp Central for a truly amazing assortment.


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