Novelty Lights

Looking for a unique and colorful way to light up your home or business? These products will add a dazzling style to your surroundings.


pink bulb

Pink Bulb - Item #101

GE Transparent Color Bulbs

25-watt bulbs come in pink (pictured left), red, blue, and green (pictured left to right below).

$3.29 each

red bulb

Red - Item #102

blue bulb

Blue - #103

green bulb

Green - #104


stained glass bulb

Stained Glass Light Bulb

25-watt bulb with unique color effect!

Item #105



colored beacons

Rotating Beacons give off flashing lights just like a police car. Available in four colors: green, amber, red, and blue (pictured left, counterclockwise). 7 inches high.

Item #106

Reg. $24.99 each

Now $19.99 each


These blacklights give off light that you can't see, but that light brings out fancy colors in fluorescent and phosphorescent materials. To purchase blacklight reactive materials, we recommend .


blacklight bulb

GE Specialty Blacklight

60-watt bulb

Item #107


blacklight with fixture

Black Light with fixture

18 inches long

Item #108

Reg. $19.99

Now $14.99

high intensity blacklight

Blackjack High Intensity Blacklight

400 watts

Weight: 29.3 pounds

14.7 H, 15.2 W, 16.3 D

Item #109

Reg. $59.99

Now $49.99



These strobe lights produce regular flashes of light at a rate of 10 to 12 flashes per second. This flashing creates the illusion of slow motion.


mini strobe light

Mini-Strobe Light

4.75 inches high. Includes replaceable 120-volt, 20-watt bulb.

Item #110


rotating strobe

Rotating Strobe Light

Rotates 360 degrees. 7.5 inches high. Includes replaceable 120-volt, 20-watt bulb.

Item #111



These disco mirror balls reflect light in many directions and cause beams of light to flash all around the room.


disco ball with two lights

Disco Ball with two projection lights

11 inches high, 10 inches wide, with a 5-inch ball.

Item #112

Reg. $54.99

Now $44.99

disco ball with motor

12-inch disco ball with motor

Item #113

Reg $44.99

Now $34.99


blacklight blacklight blacklight blacklight blacklight blacklight

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