Timothy Boyle

Professional Web Designer


Here are samples of web sites I have designed:


Movie Banner

I created this site using HTML code, cascading style sheets, and CGI/Perl scripts. Scripts were installed to display a random image at the top of the intro page, a hit counter at the bottom of the intro page, and advertising banners at the bottoms of six pages within the site. A CGI script was also used to create the Guest Book View page. That was a script which I developed myself.



Neon Jungle banner

This is a site for a fictitious business. I created this site using Dreamweaver.



Shore banner

Most parts of this site were created using Dreamweaver. I used Flash to create the animation on the intro page. I used JavaScript for the function of counting down the days until Labor Day 2007 in the top frame. A negative number is now displayed because that date has passed. Also, I used JavaScript to create the scrolling text on the site’s Atlantic City page.



Rarebird banner

This is my personal hobby site which I have maintained for eleven years. It was originally created using a personal web page wizard provided by my ISP, and was later modified using Dreamweaver.



Global Kingdom

This site was designed as a prototype for an e-commerce site. It was a group project for an internet commerce class. My contributions to the site were the contact page and the shopping cart. The contact page sends form information to a CGI script I developed. The script displays the form information on a web page and sends the information to an e-mail address. The shopping cart was created using JavaScript and Perl scripts which I obtained from NOP Design. The shopping cart system consists of an order form page, a view page which enables the user to manage the cart, a checkout page with a form that asks the user for personal information, and finally a Thank You page generated by a Perl script.



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